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Germliner™ Platform

The company’s human Germliner™ antibody library utilizes the most common natural human germline antibody frameworks and CDR diversity by tailor-engineering key residues with amino acids commonly found in natural human antibodies. Germliner™ antibodies minimize the likelihood of of mounting anti-antibody reactions in humans, since germline antibody framework sequences are highly tolerated between individuals.

The human antibody library is displayed using AvantGen’s novel yeast display system, which supports antibody display at the cell surface for quantitative screening. The display system is also capable of producing soluble Fab or full IgG antibodies with high yield in yeast, allowing rapid expression, purification, and characterization of selected antibodies.

Using fluorescent activated cell sorter (FACS), novel fully human antibodies with unique specificity, species-cross reactivity, and high affinity can be isolated rapidly.

This integrated and highly versatile platform can be used both to discover novel human antibodies, and to humanize or optimize existing antibodies to improve their pharmacological properties.

Advantages of AvantGen’s Germliener™ Antibody and Technology Platform

Increased probability of generating antibodies with the following key features:

  • Broad coverage of the epitope space of an antigen
  • Epitope specific
  • Species cross-reactivity
  • Stable and high expression level
  • Uniquely versatile platform
  • Same platform for antibody humanization and de novo antibody discovery
  • Ready conversion from display to secretion mode to facilitate downstream characterization of individual antibody clones
  • Unbiased clone selection