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Fully Human Antibody Discovery

Fully human antibodies are ideal for therapeutic development. AvantGen has constructed a large human antibody library with the following features:

  • The antibody library is constructed using the most common human germline frameworks.

  • The CDRs are designed to mimic human germline CDRs. The library builds its diversity only at those residues that are critical for antigen binding in a manner that mimics the amino acids most commonly found at those positions in the naturally occurring human antibody repertoire.

  • The library is displayed with AvantGen’s proprietary vector system which ensures the entire library is screened during each campaign and allows rapid isolation of antibody clones with desired properties.

Combined with AvantGen’s competitive screening technologies, antibodies with nanomolar (nM) to subnanomolar (pM) binding activities can be isolated rapidly against not only disease target but even the particular epitope of interest.